Military Resume Builders

Do They Really Work?

There are several iterations of automated military resume builders on the Internet designed to help military personnel construct their career transition resumes.  The question is, “Are they effective?”

Because they rely primarily on user input, the old saying most certainly applies – “Garbage in, garbage out.”  In other words, if a user’s input is written poorly, then the output will similarly be poor, even if the “resumix” format is acceptable.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a talented and grammatically sound writer, who understands how to translate military experience into civilian terminology; and knows how to properly incorporate keywords necessary to successfully pass the “resumix” screening system, then an automated military resume builder may be effective. The same old saying again applies, but slightly modified – “Quality in, quality out.”

The bottom line – you need to honestly assess your writing and grammar skills, your ability to translate military experience into “civilianese” based on your understanding of the civilian marketplace, and your ability to identify and properly incorporate screening keywords.

If you’re unsure about your abilities, or if you just don’t want to take a chance, then there is another option – utilize the professional services of experienced writers who specialize in military career transition resumes. Take a moment to review our military resume packages, and consider letting us take the load off your shoulders.

Finally, if you’re confident about your writing and translating abilities, then writing your own resume with the help of an automated tool may be the right answer.



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