Military Resume Writers

Here are some of our Military Resume Writing Specialists standing by to work with you on designing just the right resume for your career transition needs.  All of our writing specialists are expert in crafting resumes and related documents regardless of service branch and specialty.  We look forward to working with you and thank you for your dedicated service!

Dr. James Sandefer, PhD

Dr Sandefer is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel (O5) with nearly 27 years of service, and assignments ranging from Company to Command levels throughout Department of the Army. He holds lifetime memberships in the U. S. Army War College Alumni Association, the Retired Military Police Officers Association, and the Disabled American Veterans. Mr. Sandefer writes a weekly syndicated news column, and has authored and published two books. He holds a PhD in Personnel Management and HR.

photo_resume writer_higgsEric Higgs, BA

Mr. Higgs is a retired Navy Commander (O5), with 5 years active and 15 years reserve service. He is a qualified Surface Warfare Officer and Combatant Craft Officer-in-Charge, and former Reserve Commanding Officer, Special Boat Unit 13. In the private sector, Mr. Higgs is a former Marketing Executive for General Dynamics, and a former Senior Engineer for Lockheed. He is a published author, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Georgia.

Mary Schumacher, MBA
Career Transition Specialist

Ms. Schumacher is a writer who delivers clear and compelling content, demonstrating significant success helping people transition into new careers. With experience in the Federal government, business sector and nonprofits, she also has a wealth of knowledge of today’s job market. She holds an MBA and a Master of Public Administration.

photo_hutchinson1Dr. Michelle Hutchinson
Former LT (O3), Dental Corps, USN

Dr. Hutchinson is an experienced editor, published writer, and educator. She served 3 years on active duty as a Dental Officer/Navy Lieutenant (O3). In the private sector, Dr. Hutchinson operates her own editing business, and was formerly an adjunct professor of biology at Oglethorpe University and Clayton State College and University. She holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Clark University.

Lanette Ciresi, BBA
Former HR Recruiter

Ms. Ciresi has extensive staffing and recruiting experience, and is an expert in the corporate hiring process. Her portfolio includes resume composition for many different fields, including career military and military transition personnel. She is a former corporate Staffing Recruiter, and past President of the local chapter of the National Guard Family Readiness Program. Ms. Ciresi is a member and volunteer for the Bullitt County (KY) Chamber of Commerce, and holds a BBA from Northwood University.

photo_resume writer_grubbDrusilla Grubb, MA

Ms. Drusilla Grubb is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel (O5) with 22 years active service. She is a former Chief of Current Intelligence, USEUCOM; former Officer-in-Charge, Joint Intelligence Training Activity Pacific; and former NATO Lead Analyst, Soviet Naval Infantry. Ms. Grubb holds a Master of Arts Degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School, and is a published author.

photo_resume writer_SerranoRegina Serrano, BA
Former Federal Manager

Ms Serrano has over 25 years as a Federal Personnel and Administration Manager. She is a highly experienced Consultant with expertise in Program Development, covering multiple industries including education, healthcare, and non-profits. Ms Serrano holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Arizona.